Sarah has been a Godsend

I purchased some folding crutches, as an old foot injury flared up again, but had no convenient way of carrying them around with me when out and about, in case I needed to use them.  There are no shoulder sling carrying bags for a pair of folding crutches, only one hand-held bag.  Once you are using the crutches this makes it difficult to then transport the bag around if you are by yourself due to the general size of the bag needed.  I approached Sarah for a solution, and she went above and beyond to design a suitable weatherproof bag for me.  The bag she has designed and made is perfect; it fits both crutches with ease, allows me to sling them over my shoulder and forget about them, and is durable and weatherproof.

I highly recommend Sarah as she is fantastic, helpful, genuinely caring, and resourceful.  Her pricing for the finished product was amazingly inexpensive and affordable, and postage was extremely fast.  Thank you so much Sarah, I truly appreciate it.

Bags for Life
  • 'Practical'

    I am a proud owner of one of Sarah Petherick’s bags. Great quality and very practical, each bag comes in different sizes and materials.  I have used mine for overnight bags, coats, wellies and keep one in the car for every day use.  I wouldn’t be without mine!

  • 'Sturdy and well made'

    I love Sarah’s bags and have a couple of them.  Great for chucking everything in.  I regularly take mine to work with my laptop, my lunch bag and everything else!  So sturdy and well made.  We always take one on holiday to be a shopping bag/beach bag etc.

  • 'Reassurringly functional'

    We use them all the time for outdoor swimming 2-3 times a week and they have been worth every penny!

  • 'Useful'

    I bought my big canvas Sarah Petherick bag a couple of years ago now, thinking it looked so cool I’d find a use for it. I didn’t realise just how useful it would be, but also quite how protective I’d be over keeping it looking good. I use it as a going away bag and can pack in up to a whole week’s worth of stuff, however because it’s so light I use it for a quick night away too. It washes beautifully and is super strong. 

  • 'A reliable companion'

    I was fortunate enough to have received the Hartland bag as a gift. I can honestly say that it has quickly become my go-to bag for week-ends away and general transportation of family paraphernalia. Stylish and robust, it is a reliable companion and I will certainly be buying these for my friends.

  • 'Robust'

    Sarah has a great eye for colour and not only are her bags extremely well made and robust, they are fun and contemporary.  I have bought 3 and will get more.  Useful, versatile and flexible. 

  • 'Stable'

    I love how deep, wide, strong and stable my bag is. It never falls over and it holds tonnes of stuff! As well as the colour, the fabric and it’s washability. It’s actually perfect!

  • 'Stylish'

    Sarah has an amazing eye for creating beautiful and functional bags. I have 5 of The large Sarah Petherick bags , they are functional that hold up with time, and I am not easy on my bags. Functional, durable, and stylish are great ways to describe these bags. I use mine for weekend bags and can hold  just about anything also loaded with all kids stuff down to the beach . 

  • 'Family pets'

    Our bags were bought in Somerset in 2015 and since then have travelled the world with us to Kenya, Botswana, USA, Mediterranean and all round the UK. The bags are taken to museums, cinemas, weekly shops, to cricket matches, there is almost no where the bags don’t go with us as they are hardy practical and of a size that allows small or big items Bag lady bags are like family pets, they will always be with us.

  • 'The best bag I've ever bought'

    The beach bag that I bought from The Bag Lady has been the best bag I've ever bought! It looks lovely, the straps are really strong, as I really load it up, but the best thing is that it's waterproof. It's lasted for several years too, well worth the money I paid.