Our Story

Created by Sarah Petherick, an entrepreneur and award winning designer and maker, The Bag Lady has been steadily evolving since 2011. Sarah started making bags when she couldn't find a beach bag strong enough to carry all her family's seaside essentials. Having learnt the art of sewing from her mother, she took to her sewing machine and made her own. The next time she went to the coast on holiday, her friends said they wanted one too.

That's when the Bag Lady was born.

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Handmade in Somerset

All our bags are handmade by Sarah in Somerset. Cut from UK-woven canvas, and both water and rot resistant, our bags are made to a standard you can trust. Each handle is flag stitched for extra strength and all internal seams are finished to meet the demands of everyday life.

Our bags last forever.

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Buy for life

This is the first bag Sarah made, 13 years ago, and it's still going strong.  At £75 per bag that works out at £5.77 per year. Our bags are made to outlive the test of time and will accompany you on life’s adventures through the years. They are strong, durable and solve a problem. 

Invest in longevity.

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